Trusted Reputation

Since its inception, Carocon has built a strong reputation for honesty and quality. This reputation, no doubt, accounts for a vast amount of business coming from referrals and our long-term client base. Our clients’ success serves as our most rewarding accomplishment, and many willingly praise our efforts.

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"Shelly & I just walked Drexel Place with Ray, and owner Grey Poole. The construction looks great, that was one of the shortest punch lists I can remember."

"Drexel place is one we all can be proud of!"

Chip Leaf, AIA
Watts Leaf Architects, PA
"We are pleased and appreciative of the teamwork Carocon displayed in working so closely with our team to maintain our schedule and budget, even under demanding circumstances and are thrilled with the quality of the finished product." - Read complete letter

Nancy Crown, Senior Vice President
Bank of America Community Development Corporation
"Because of Carocon's excellent track record in providing valuable preconstruction services, accurate budgeting and superior project execution, Charter Properties has achieved timely construction of quality products not only within budget, but with substantial savings returned on our projects. Truly, we could not be more pleased." - Read complete letter

John D. Porter, Senior Vice President
Charter Properties, Inc.
"Carocon has worked harmoniously throughout the preconstruction services phase with our firm and the design team from Cline Design, and has offered useful and valuable input on the proposed work." - Read complete letter

Dwight Thomas, Residential Consultant
Casto Southeast, LLC
"We have been very satisfied with the effectiveness of Carocon's established program for inclusiveness of Minority and Women's business Enterprise (MWBE) firms in the projects they manage. Carocon has also been successful because of the training, business mentoring and special consideration for MWBE firms." - Read complete letter

James Mitchell Jr., Vice President
Cinda Corporation
"Bank of America Community Development Corporation has had an extremely good experience with Carocon throughout the Ashley project. Carocon’s experience with mixed-use parking/residential projects, and their ability to quickly grasp the complexities and requirements of Ashley Square has proven to be a huge success and has produced a finished project of the highest quality and workmanship." - Read complete letter

Darin Edwards, Vice President
Bank of America Community Development Corporation
"Across the series of 15 projects Charter Properties has contracted with Carocon, we have been universally pleased with the professionalism and experience of the Carocon team. Carocon’s staffing methodology makes certain that every employee is trained for their job, maintains the highest levels of performance and is monitored by senior management for consistent results." - Read complete letter

Jim Homan, Vice President
Charter Properties, Inc.